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    Okay so I downloaded preware and installed that and package manager service.......

    When I start preware it shows this error message "Failure during 'update' operation ipkg_conf_init: Failed to create temporary directory '(null)': No such file or directory"..

    If anyone knows how to fix this please reply ASAP I will be very thankful.

    I doctored my Pixi twice, uninstalled both Preware and PMS a few times, used WebOS Quick Install and the preware installer itself. With doing this no luck.
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    all i know is make sure you check your feeds and have a stable data connection. it checks feeds on app startup so it might be a feed loading error. if it is a feed but you dont know which one try and deduce it and turn on and off the feeds to find out. that should provide a temporary fix.
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    Alright I will try that thanks for the reply.
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    Ok I installed and reinstalled it a few more times then did it without WebOSQI and I dont get the error but it still takes a bit to download the feeds they haven't downloaded yet but I will keep trying.
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