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    When AT&T gets it's webOS devices in 1H2010, I plan on picking one up. Sure, it's not impossible that Palm would throw AT&T a new phone, but who are we kidding...chances are, AT&T is getting the Pixi and Pre.

    While the Pre is more powerful, I like the Pixi's form factor more...and while the screen is smaller, it's a pretty generous size for that form factor. That being said, typing on it felt odd. I've used everything from a Centro to Blackberry Tour, and never really had an issue. The Pixi, however, has very oval keys that are placed very close to one type, I kind of found myself having to push with my thumb on an angle to get in there, it just felt cramped. I prefer the Pre's keyboard (both versions).

    Has anyone else adapted and gotten used to the Pixi keyboard, despite a bad experience at first? Anyone never like it despite giving it a shot?
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    No, I do not find the keys to resemble a woman's reproductive organ.
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    I've enjoyed the keyboard from the get go. The keyboard is one of the pro's of the phone, IMO.
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    Maybe I'll get used to it. The clicks felt good, just the feel of the buttons were a little different. I like the Pixi, and would love a cool back cover like the Fish one.
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    had the Pre for a month...switched for the Pixi. Best qwerty I've ever used on the Pixi.
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    I found that it took me approcimately 3 weeks to feel totally comfortable with the keyboard. There seems to be a slight learning curve, but overall I find said keyboard to be much better than that of the Pre's.
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    The Pixi's keys raise just enough that there is no overlap when pressing keys. You dont have to press too hard or get your whole thumb on each key to get the typing to register.

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    I feel like the keys are just right, but then again, my fingers are on the slim side.

    The Pixi keyboard (for me) is the best physical keyboard I've ever tried! It's one of the top two reasons why I chose the Pixi over the Pre.
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    Best keyboard since the 700p. And I've owned a Centro, Treo Pro, BB Curve and BB Tour (albeit very brief with the BB's). How an "email" centric phone doesn't handle imap folders is beyond me.
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    Yes love the keyboard it only took me about an hour to get used to it and i was off and typing pretty fast very rarely mess up
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    I, too, love the pixi's keyboard. Been using it for about a month and type almost flawlessly without looking at the keys.

    My question is why webos doesnt have an autocomplete feature? most new phones have this and I miss it from my old winmo phone. There are many times where typing with one hand is just too slow and I'd wish some sort of on-screen auto-completed list of words would just appear. Is it just me or should webos include some sort of feature?

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