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    I was just wondering what people are using out there...

    6.picture it
    5.precentral remix
    2.nes em
    1.nascar.... Lol jk goolemaps
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    there is a precentral app?
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    ok these are not in any particular order

    10. all my 3d games lol
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    1. Preware
    2. Twee Free
    3. Music Remix
    4. Pandora
    5. The Weather Channel
    6. Reset Button
    7. Countdown Clock
    8. Comics
    9. Need for Speed Underground
    10. Precentral unofficial app
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    1. Preware
    2. Let's Golf
    3. Top Stocks Lite
    4. Helicopter Game
    5. Paintr Lite
    6. Google Maps
    7. Fandango
    8. The Weather Channel
    9. Pandora
    10. Air Traffic Lite

    Give me the Bloomberg app already!
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    1. NaNPlayer (not out yet, but it's #1)
    2. Twee Free
    3. Pandora
    4. Radio Time
    5. The Weather Channel
    6. What's For Dinner
    7. Tune Your Guitar
    8. GoodFood
    9. Asphalt5
    10. Fandango
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    1. pReader
    2. RTFM Beta
    3. Visual Voicemail
    4. Agenda
    5. Feeds
    6. Grooveshark
    7. Quick System Tasks
    8. Preware
    9. Brightness Unlinked (for Touchstone)
    10 jVault

    These are not in order of priority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manningfan10 View Post
    there is a precentral app?
    There was going to but it didn't work out. If you ask Dieter he will say 'Were working on it' even though its been like 3 months.
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  9. #9 is basically what the app would be...
    1. Preware
    2. Music Wave
    3. Radio Time
    4. Facebook
    5. Direct TV
    6. NFL Super Fan...GO RAIDERS!!!
    7. AccuWeather
    8. Flixster
    9. Endgadget
    10.Tip and Strip Me....shut up.
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    based on how often I use them:

    1. tweed
    2. facebook
    3. pandora
    4. where
    5. weather channel
    6. fandango
    7. AP mobile
    8. google maps
    9. youtube
    10. backgrounds
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    thanks mine are:

    1. preware
    2. Accuweather
    3. Fandango
    4. Tweefree
    5. Directv
    6. Mytether
    7. Pandora
    8. Blocked
    9. Guns of war
    10. Backgrounds
    not in any order
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    Not in order:

    Bad Kitty
    Quick Contacts
    Music Remix
    Slacker Radio
    Rockus Sound Machine
    RadioTime (now that baseball is starting back up)
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    Classic Note
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    VeginOut Guide (Happy Cow)
    Feeds Free
    The Weather Channel

    Honorable mention: The Magic Fortune Ball and DatPiff Mobile
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    1. drPodder
    2. The Weather Channel
    3. Feeds/Scoop (whichever works the best/suits my needs at that time)
    4. JsTop
    5. GoogleMaps
    6. SprintNav
    7. Pandora
    8. Asphalt 5
    9. Pandora
    10. Agenda
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    I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet: Evernote.
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    Can't quite limit it to 10 (not in order)

    1. preader
    2. preware
    3. weather dashboard
    4. timer classic
    6. fandango
    7. flightview
    8. launchpoint
    9. autocorrectedit
    10. sprint navigation
    11. I hate 411
    12. open table

    honorable mention: NoBama
    Laissez Faire
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    1. preware
    2. facebook
    3. internalz
    4. where is my pre?
    5. mytether + freetether (or MHS if available)
    6. the weather channel
    7. GAMES ( real soccer 2010, deer hunter, etc.)
    8. Filecoaster (fetch ipkg without the need of a pc)
    9. youtube
    10. music wave

    Not in order but i use those a lot!
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    My son bought himself a Palm Pixi. I've produced a bunch of videos comparing his Pixi to my Pre.

    One of the videos shows this odd problem with the Pixi ringer switch. I returned that Pixi to Best Buy w/in the 30 days of purchasing the device and they happily replaced it with a brand new Pixi that did not have the ringer switch problem.

    And life was good for about 3 months... well except for his extreme disappointment in not being able to get 3D games. But that's a sore subject. Let's not talk about it, please.

    Then that Pixi developed the ringer switch problem. So I took it to Sprint, who swapped it for a refurb... which lasted less than 1 week before it developed a host of problems:

    * Certain frequencies in songs would translate into an odd high pitched whistle. This showed up in MP3s, Pandora, Slacker & Radio Time.
    * The ringer switch started flipping out
    * Eventually the entire external speaker just shut off altogether

    So that one went back.

    I got the replacement today. And it's the 4th Pixi that has a ringerswitch problem like in the video! This one already has an advanced case of it. Unless you push on the upper right hand corner (near the ringer switch) the phone is permanently in vibrate mode.

    So here's my question: Have I just had a run of terrible luck or have other people experienced consistent build problems w/the Pixi?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnnybazooka View Post
    I was just wondering what people are using out there...

    6.picture it
    5.precentral remix
    2.nes em
    1.nascar.... Lol jk goolemaps
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    1. Docs to Go...crap, on Android
    2. Slingbox...crap again, on Android
    3. Adobe Photoshop Mobile...damnit...Android again
    4. Pure Calendar Widget...ugh...still Android
    5. Sports Tap...geez this too?
    6. Google Voice...noticing a trend here.
    7. Locale...definitely a trend (cool app...changes notifications and such based on location and time)
    8. Pandora & Slacker & Grooveshark
    9. YPMobile
    10. Checkbook or Accounts
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