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    Does anyone know when I will be able to download a theme, I just bought a Pixi and this site will not let me due to themes configurations needing to be set????? Why do they even have them on here???????
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    You install Preware to install themes. It's homebrew stuff. Search for installing themes to find out how.
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    I use WebOS to install my themes not v3 the one before 2.9 I think but the v3 does not allow themes I don't know why but 2.9 does it easily. I made a custom Final Fantasy 7 Theme it worked nice. Lol.
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    there have been lots of changes to the image size and location with 1.4. Many themers are now extracting the dr and poking around. I know for my ZomPre theme the dial pad is completely broken in 1.4. I havent gotten around to updating it. Shouldn't be too hard. But it always takes time after an update to get them right. You should still be able to download them with preware, but expect weirdness!!
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    Yea no doubt about the weirdness but at least the update improved many things. Glad for video now on the next update we need Windows Live messenger that would be saweet! lol.

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