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    Hey, I'm just excited about the new update! I was looking forward to it.

    Anyone else???
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    Just started the download!
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    I love it,,video is great,battery better and is faster.40 patches in and the 1.4 went in with no problems
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    Location? Network?
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    I am in ma. On sprint
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    Salt Lake City, Utah

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    PalmIII>PalmIIIc>PalmV>Sony CLIE>TungstenC>TungstenT2>Treo650>Treo755p>PrePlus
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    I am currently downloading the 1.4 update on my Pixi+ with Verizon!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pudgewack View Post
    I am currently downloading the 1.4 update on my Pixi+ with Verizon!!!!!
    Just got this too in California.
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    The marvels of talented programmers and developers... I'm smitten.
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    I'm seeing other treads reporting that Preware is not working after the update to 1.4.
    As the update has just come to Verizon, has anyone here experienced this yet?

    What issues are you having (if any)?
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    All positive. Application start-up lag shortened quite a lot.
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    The people saying that preware doesn't work were just having problems with preware loading because everyone was trying to update patches at the same time. Preware works fine.
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    Will i have to update all of my patches now?
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    Hey, does anyone else notice a bit of an input lag sometimes when tapping the screen or scrolling on the Sprint Pixi after the update? It wasn't doing it before 1.4...

    It's not a huge deal and the load time is definitely improved, but when apps are running sometimes the tap or swipe doesn't register, especially in the gesture area.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    I to also have noticed it, in fact my phone froze and I had to remove the battery. It could be of the patches I installed but I don't know. I ran the Doctor on it going to re-install patches and see if I get the same result.
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    My phone isn't allowing me to update to the new os i removed all patchs/tweeks. but idk it taking unusually long to up load nay updates like it just doesn't load. any clues???
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    The only thing I noticed that made a difference in operating speed was the difference in temperature of the phone. It's common knowledge that electronics work better when they are cool, and that seems to be true with my Pixi. After taking it out of my warm pocket and the battery being warmer than other times yielded a slower Pixi, but after letting it sit for a few minutes and cooling off, it worked much better.

    After running the Doctor, I still have non-responsive input problems occasionally, but they aren't as prevalent as they were before the doctor...

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