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    I was just thinking, I really like webOS a lot, I think it is the best phone opperating system out. Well I remember beaming stuff to my buddies back in highschool and we would mess with the teacher by turning the tv on and off with the remote app. I think it would be awesome if palm brought the beaming function back, it was sooo easy to beam files.

    Just think about how many remotes you have today, and most people always have their phones on them, why not put beaming on and make a remote app so people can use their phones instead of having to buy a universal remote or juggling a few remotes. Along with a media player remote like the apple one, I think it would be cool. You may think its a dumb idea, but I think it would be practical.
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    dumb idea for beaming files, they should just fix the bluetooth for that. Great idea for universal remotes, but I'm not sure it would be worth it as I'd rather use the space for more memory or faster components. I think the range on most cell phone uv transmitters is pretty short as well.
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    I was just thinking about how beaming through bluetooth would be great. The remote thing wouldn't work, however, because the Pre/Pixi don't have IR ports like the old PalmOS devices did.

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