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    Well I bit the bullet and traded in my Centro for a Sprint Pixi tonight. The good reports on 1.4 sealed the deal. Just about had to talk the guy into selling it to me, but I gave him a demo and he was surprised at some of the tips I showed him. Precentral forums have made me a power user before I ever owned the device! What a great community!

    It came loaded with 1.2.9. I just finished the install and it rebooted. Huge improvement and I wasn't dissatisfied with it out of the box. Faster scrolling, like the new launcher animation, faster web page loading. I'm very pleased. Now if 1.4 takes care of the memory leaks and limits the need to restart, it's a major success.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mofishmgr View Post
    Now if 1.4 takes care of the memory leaks and limits the need to restart, it's a major success.
    its supposed to have.
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    mofishmgr - you mentioned you had to practically talk the guy into selling you the Pixi? I had the same experience and it's a shame. I love my Pixi (have a Pre as well) but prefer the Pixi. I'm even more impressed with the updates. It's nice that Palm is updating webOS to make things better.
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    Yeah he even steered a couple away from the Pre due to poor build quality. Can't blame him there. I hope the C40 takes the best of the Pre and Pixi and makes a fast, high quality phone in a killer form factor.
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    reps in general seem poorly trained on webOS. When I was at the Verizon store I ended up selling 2 people on the Pixi when the reps were pretty much useless and had steered them to the droid. The one guy kept fumbling with the keyboard on it and was clearly frustrated. Brought up notes on my pixi and had him typing no problem and then took him through the basics and he was like, 'sold'. Guy looking over his shoulder was on board too.
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    of course with a new phone, most people want to check it out. Bet I've sold at least three friends on it today. Not to mention three of my kids want one. The other one is only 9
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    Does anybody have a problem with a "Memory Critical, Too many cards" error? I keep on getting the message and i don't even have any cards open. I was thinking it may be the theme i have on. Can anybody help me?
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    haven't had it myself, new to pixi. I have heard if you go to your browser and choose preferences and clear your history and cache that sometimes works. Also a battery pull or a restart can work too
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