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    Ok so i got that new update and THere is now video recording.
    how do you delete videos?

    also there is no flash support on the pixi? is that correct?
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    I read on the Pre side you can just drag them off like anything else. BTW. I'm looking at getting a pixi today. How's the new update working on the pixi? Is it faster? Too many cards error gone? Thanks
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    Yup no flash for the pixi, another letdown
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    I have pixi on sprint has anybody had luck sending video through mms mine keeps failing i sent it through email and the recipient got it but couldnt play it just wandering if anybody has had success with sending videos
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    disregard last post i got it working i used the messaging up in the left hand corner where it says add picture they have a video icon to where you can add video that seemed to work for me

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