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    Yes I did a search and nothing came up.

    My wifes Pixi fails to down load two updates, also shows a blank icon that I think is the problem in the list of updates, but I can't pause the blank icon or delete it.

    When I run up date it keeps bringing up the blank icon along with two programs that are on the phone.

    I think the blank icon update is the problem. When you touch it it just brings up a screen that says unable to update try again later.

    Anyone have an idea what happened?

    The phone is stock only Palm site down loads from the app store.
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    x2... any thoughts?
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    My wife's Pixi is having the exact same issue...its beyond frustrating.

    Did you find a solution? Anyone else have advice?
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    Use a webos doctor to manually update your OS but make sure you back up everything on the usb partition

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