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    Ok, on the 1st, I will qualify for a $150 rebate thing. I've done some researcging, but I still don't get it. If I go to Best Buy, and say that wirefly sells it for $30, they match the price, right? I'm like seriously confused! Thanks for the help. Not sure what info I should include so here is just info.

    - Sprint Everything Data Plan 1500
    - Qualifying for $150 rebate on the 1st
    - Buying from Best Buy..
    Thanks again guys. Any help at all is appreciated.
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    Btw, forgot to include this, I have to re do the contract or w.e. For 2 years, right? Thanks again guys.
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    go to radio shack sign new 2 yr contract get all rebates instantly pixi out the door 30 bucks also I'm in sales on my phone all day 7 days a week and the everything data 450 is enough for me
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    unless you're a big landline caller, 450 minutes should fit the bill for most people with free mobile to mobile, nights and weekends.
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