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    anyone can point me for an armband case for the pixi? I like running and listening to the pixi. all i am seeing are armbands for ipods.

    any links would really be appreciated
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    BUMP. Any ideas yet? My wife needs one for her Pixi.
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    I will check when I get home tonight. I have an armband case and it might just be perfect for a Pixi. I'll get back to you.
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    since i started this thread i have moved on to the pre plus... here is what i am using.

    posted in another thread:
    I use DLO actionwrap armband for the ipod classic for my pre.

    the plastic front is really sticky if it comes in contact with the screen of the pre so i just invert it.

    i use smartrunner app
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    Well shoot, my armband case does fit the Pixi, but it blocks the headphone jack.

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