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    Sooo, I was at work and i was going to use the restroom and I pulled my phone out of my pocket to lay it on the counter and sure enough, splash it went into the toilet Luckily i hadn't used the restroom yet! haha

    Well, anyway, I grabbed it out as quickly as possible! It was prolly in there for less than 2 seconds. I then took the battery out and dried the phone off as soon as possible. I blew in all the little holes inside the phone with the cover off and water would come out of all the spots and I got it super dry.

    At first, the speaker sounded messed up, but that cleared up and now it sounds better than it did originally believe or not! haha, for real!

    But I have a small problem im worried about. I don't remember if it was this way before it dropped or not, but it seems as when I am scrolling through my contacts and when it gets to the end of the scroll, it seems as if it gets a little choppy and "jittery"...

    Is ya'lls like this? was it like this the whole time and I didn't really notice it til now?? It scrolls well until the end then as it almost comes to a stop it gets a little jittery. Its like this anytime I scroll. The screen is still super responsive to my finger and I dont see any dead pixels. It's just a little jittery.

    Also, for all the palm pixi plus owners, what is the color of the damage sticker inside the phone/and on the battery? Im wandering what it's suppose to look like if it has damage.

    Thank ya'll for you help and thoughts!
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    should show lotsa pink.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrloserpunk View Post
    should show lotsa pink.
    pink if damaged or not damaged? any idea on the small jittering at the end of the scrolling?
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    dbl post.
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    reboot the pre and see if it's the same. I see "jittery" when my memory is low. Pink means water damage. The stivker on the battery is white with pink stripes. If its all pink/red, its come into contact with water.
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    I just checked with the girls pixi. Scrolling through the contacts is kinda jittery actually....
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    Thank you for the help!

    My battery's sticker is pink but still has 3 darker diagonal lines on it. The sticker on the inside of the phone has pink but has a small bit of white on it.

    Can anyone post pictures of what ya'lls looks like?

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