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    new to the forum and I have checked around and couldn't find what I was looking for, I have the pixi and I tried doing the upgrade but it says that I'm not in a good coverage area. I went to the sprint store to see if I could get them to help me with the upgrade, they told me that I had to get to a 3g area for me to do the upgrade. my closest 3g area is vegas so is there any other way I can get the upgrade with out taking a 1:45 min drive?
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    download either the app that lets you download over 2g connection or use the 1.3.5 doctor to manually upgrade
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    or just wait 1 more day for the 1.4 update...hopefully really this time...and then do any of the aforementioned methods i guess. or maybe then a 1:45 min ride might be worth it...

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