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    I need help...
    When I open up the tweaks It tells me to download these 2 files Lsdiff and a GNU patch. How do I get these? It says it will download these but it doesn't happen.
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    Funny that same thing is happening to me as well for my girl's pixi. I am going to hard reset and see if this does anything.
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    Actually you know what, Try and install all updates before downloading tweaks, 1.3.5 or the latest one. That might help.
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    Actually the update didnt work for me as well. I just downloaded a new version releases 2-24-2010 so let me try this. Any1 else having this issue with a resolution?
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    If you have Preware installed, it will automatically install all three. Just try to add a patch via Preware.
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    Funny thing her Preware doesnt have the Patch section as well.
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    Nevermind, Through Preware after an update they are there. Thanx
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    No prob.

    Sometimes QI has issues downloading the patches in the right order. They are manually available from the feeds [blue button], all under Web OS Internalz feed.

    The ones you need for AUPT are: LsDiff, GNU Patch, Diffstat
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    I found out what you had to do. You click on the down arrow and when you click on the tweaks it says you need these three patchs that you have to download. you find those tweaks in the pixi category and click on them and click download and then install

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