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    So, I have come across a very frustrating mobile life throughout the last two months.

    First, let me say that I have two lines on my account with Sprint, a Pre and a Pixi which I bought for my girlfriend for Christmas. My Pre, which I have had sine June 2009, works great. I am perfectly happy with it. The Pixi on my account, however, has been sort of a burden on me.

    I bought the first Pixi on December 24th, and that one lasted me about two weeks: the sound completely stopped working on it. We went to RadioShack (where we bought it) and exchanged it for another. That Pixi was good for about two weeks also, the phone thought that it had headphones in it all the time, which occurred with my Pre, and I was able to fix it there... but not the Pixi, it was all hardware. I took that to Sprint and they exchanged it for another one. That third Pixi lasted a few days before we figured out that the ringer switch was loose and the phone would switch between ring and vibrate all on it's own because of it. Well, we took that one back. Now I am on my fourth Pixi. Yes, 4th!!!! This one freezes constantly, the messaging screen goes blank, and I cannot download apps on it... it just won't download. We did a Partial erase, full erase, and even a webOS doctor.... with no improvement.

    Frankly, I am tired of returning the Pixi just to get another one that is defective. So, I returned to Sprint, where they supposedly have the "no lemon" policy. You return a device three times, and they will replace it with a different model. Well, I talk to 6 different representatives, 2 of which were supervisors for Sprint Customer Service. They all told me: "yes, you will be able to exchange the Pixi for a different MODEL of phone." Sure enough, I went to the Sprint store and they said no. I called Sprint back and now they say that I cannot do that unless the store wants to: "it's at the discretion of the store." The store in my city would not replace the Pixi for anything else but a Pixi. So I was lied to by 6 people from Sprint (not kidding about the number folks), I was then lead to believe something that was not true, then the store tells me that there is no model to replace the Pixi with other than a Pixi.

    Called Palm, they also said they can only give me a Pixi. I have no problem with Palm's answer since they did not ever tell me that I could have exchanged for another model. I only called Palm to see if they would be nice and give me another Pre to replace the Pixi with.

    So, I am rather frustrated with Sprint, and their great ability to have 6 people blatantly LIE to me. I have had Sprint for 2 years, and have never had a problem even remotely close to this; but it seems like these are becoming more common since every time I call, I get different answers.

    I don't know what to do. I HATE this Pixi. It just never works well. The times that it did work correctly, the phone is still way too laggy to even enjoy using! Not a good experience at all. I don't see how Palm could have even released this comfortably.

    Any pointers? What can I do to improve the Pixi and/or Sprint stuff?
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    Hi, sorry to have to say that maybe the reps for sprint didn't understand really quite understand your issue. You can only exchange for the same model only if the phone is defective. 'Period'
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    Since the pre work out fine try gettn one for your girl,as for as pointers to regard to the pixie you have done everything that i would have suggest. heads up.. 1.4 is coming. leave pixie get a pre.
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    That sounds like some bad luck. My wife and I both have pixies and we had to use web doctor because it wouldn't download apps. Other than that there are no problems.

    Don't know what to tell you about the exchange policy for sprint, but the Radioshack store where you bought it from might be able to exchange it out for another model as I believe they still have a 90day exchange. I am not to sure if it will work since the phone you have now came from a Sprint store and doesn't match the esn on the Radioshack Receipt but you could ask the manager if they can help you. Because you bought it at Radioshack and not at the sprint store, this may also be why the Sprint store is reluctant exchange for different phone.

    You could also see if the manager will make a compromise, exchange your current pixi for a new pixi and if that happens to be defective too, allow you to exchange for a different phone.

    I know how frustrating and irritating this can be, because I had to send in my laptop 4 different times before they finally repaired it with out causing more problems.

    Good Luck.
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    I'd have palm replace it, sprint stores have a knack for replacing bad units with "refurbished" units. I know plenty of people who have had a defective device replaced with another defective device where problems occur intermittently. It is probably more a case of poor QA in the sprint repair department than the phones all being crap. Luckily I haven't had any issue with my pixi aside from a few random reboots.

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