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    I am trying to compare my Verizon Pixi Plus and SPrint Pre.

    Performance is actually the same. I was able to open around 8 cards without problems on my Pixi.

    Is the RAM of the Pixi 512 like the Pre Plus?
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    No, the Pixi Plus is the same as the Pixi but with Wifi.
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    I think the pixi has 256 MB of RAM
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    I'm not entire sure, but a checked out at least 5 websites and they all say the Pixi Plus and Pixi have the same internals (except Wifi).
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    The pixi has 192 mb of ram. It was posted somewhere on precentrals forums.
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    192? That's surprising. Because it seems like it performs the same as my Pre.
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    As far as I know, here's the breakdown:
    Pre: 256mb
    Pre Plus: 512mb
    Pixi: 192mb
    Pixi Plus: 192mb

    I've check about five websites that back this info up, it's possible that those sites are wrong lol
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    i think that pretty much clears it up.

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