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    Does anybody find themselves dialing phone numbers they dont want to?

    A few times already I'll hang up a call, put it on the desk...then hear voices coming out of it...I called somebody else by accident!

    Other times just while browsing thru the call logs if you dont flick fast enough it may call the person in the log.

    Today, I was in a call and had a call waiting come thru, I pulled my phone away from my ear to see the number, decided to ignore it - so I put the phone back up to my ear. Didnt press the screen once, and somehow the call waiting got answered right in mid sentence with the other party.

    Finally, sometimes I think I have hung up a call..I mean i press the red hangup button, but it must not register and doesnt hang up. This is especially bad when Im leaving a message on somebody's voicemail.

    Anybody else have issues like this and any suggestions on how to avoid them?
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    I do it from time to time when I tap to much.

    I also notice that the proximity sensor should probably be more sensitive. I end up hitting buttons with my ear sometimes.

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