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    I am proud to say I am now a member of the Palm family! Picked up my Pixi today after many many months of smartphone research (holding out for the blackberry tour 2 but figured id try something new and have some fun) and cruising around this awesome site. Im sure ill have some questions - but for now just a big hello to everyone!

    Oh yeah - and I can care less about the name or the ad campaigns - the Pixi rocks!
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    welcome to the webos family
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    Kewl, enjoy!
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    Welcome to the jungle!
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    Congrats! You will love your pixi :-) Don't forget to hop on here if you have any questions...and when you're ready, you should try's a good time.
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    Welcome to the family, you got in at the right time because everything is almost where it should be as far as updates go. I hope you enjoy your Pixi Plus and provide feedback as well.
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    Woo! Why did you not get a pre plus?! anyway, I hope you like your Pixi and much as I do. (and the only reason I didn't get a pre is because of the build quality issues, which they fixed in the plus version of the phone )

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