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    first off, love this thing. Secondly, does it NEED a screen protector? How durable is the plastic?
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    still have the original plastic protector on there, but I did order some from ebay. Since I'm using it bare, I figured it couldn't hurt, and it's only a few dollars.
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    I just kept the original one from the factory on there and used a sharp blade to carefully cut the tab off. Has some light hairline scratches on the protector, but it's not lifting up anywhere, works perfect for me.
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    I've had mine in my pocket unprotected since basically launch and the only precaution I've taken is to typically make sure my keys are in the other pocket -- still looks great. It's at least as durable as any plastic I think I've ever come across.
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    i also just cut off the tab on the original screen protector but just ordered a pack of screen protectors and one of those silicon cases so well see how that works out. I sort of felt uneasy with the original protector on because I wasnt sure if is was actually protecting the screen from scratches or just there for dust/etc so I got new ones. Nothing was wrong with the one though, its just me. And I was never a fan of the silicon cases but my roommates have them on their iphones and bb's so I figured id give it a shot
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    I put the zagg screen protect on both mine and my wife's pixi. It's more of a flexible soft plastic, compared to regular hard plastic you find on other screen protectors. So far no scratches, but its only been a month.

    With my old Treo 800W, which has very similar screen, I had put a screen protector on but I took it off after a month because of scratches. After a year without a screen protector, it only had only a couple of very light scratches.

    I also use my phone for work and prefer the added protection. IF the screen was glass, I wouldn't bother with a screen protector.

    It's all personal preference and how careful you are.
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    I bought Ghost Armor for mine. It's incredible it completely protects your screen from any scratches. My girlfriend is more amazed by the Ghost Armor than by the phone itself :P so shes buying one for her new Blackberry. It's $15 to cover the front and $25 to get a cover for the front and the back. Highly recommend it.
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    I have the boxwave screen protector, it is excellent clarity wise, but there is some air around the microphone opening and on the thin strips outside the keyboard. Oil is less annoying than when naked, but still apparent. Application is nice because no water/soap is required. I'm satisfied enough, but the air surrounding the mic opening is fairly visible and annoying to me.
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    Naked for a month and no problems!!
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    I ran the stock protector until a month ago, when I dropped my belt on it and created a chip....the chip went right through the screen protector. I think a thicker zagg/skinomi screen protector would have prevented the chip...but too little too late. Also, the scratches from the stock screen protector are quite annoying under bright conditions.

    I would most definitely run a better screen protector.
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    if you interested in a screen protector... check out boxwave's anti-glare... i have their anti-glare protector on my pre, gf's pixi, canon 5d mk2, and my ipod touch.... LOOOOOVE the thing. it feels awesome while using the touch screen. your finger moves so easily over it. Plus no finger prints... and no harsh glares on the scree.
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