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    Hi i just got my palm pixi today and i keep trying to sync my exchange contacts to my pixi but it keeps coming up with the error saying that i can't sign in. The exchange credentials matches up with what i am using on the pixi but it still isn't working. I can sync my microsoft outlook e-mail to the pixi and the e-mail works just fine but when i try to sync the contacts in outlook to the pixi it doesn't work. What can i do to get this to work?

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    try going into the menu and opening the contacts my contacts wouldn't sync until i opened the contact menu and it asked me to set exchange as my default contact list, then it worked. If not check your exchange server settings to make sure your allowed to sync contacts.
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    I tried doing that but still no luck. Please help me i need suggestions.
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    Try this; it worked perfectly for me. Go to Google calendar and create a profile. You can have that easily pulled into your Pixi calendar. When that's set up, go to the Google calendar login page and download their Outlook sync program. You can pick from 1 way to or from Outlook to Google or 2 way. Once you open the program it does the rest and that's it.

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