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    I've had my Pixi Plus from Verizon for 10 days and love it. One thing that I've been very surprised about however, is the anemic sound quality when I'm running Pandora through headphones or my car stereo. I was especially disappointed after listening to my Ipod Touch and my wife's HTC Eris running Pandora.

    I already have the high quality option enabled but it sounds like it's running through a cheap equalizer with the midrange set to max. Does the Pre sound better or is there a patch/app to improve the sound quality?
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    it's just the app. But I have a pre and it doesn't sound that good but it's not bad either
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    Tonight I was listening to Pandora again and noticed it was sort of like Mono in a few songs - instruments missing, backup singers missing. Anyone else noticed this?
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    I have been using slacker radio and pandora. The quality and load time seems a lot better with slacker radio. I haven't experienced and issues with mono.

    Only other experience I have with pandora is with the Samsung moment which was terrible, compared to the pixi.
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    Go to the Preferences menu in Pandora and change the "Higher quality audio" setting to ON. This significantly improves the sound quality, although no where near the quality of a CD.


    edit.....sorry, I just re-read your post and noticed that you already changed this setting.

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