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    I think it doesn't care wether Pixi or Pixi Plus, because the only difference is Wifi-Support.
    I would be very interested too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    Are you guys looking for the regular Pixi, Pixi Plus or both? I might have a quick dig around the camera app code to see what will trigger the LED but need to know which Doctor to download. I only have 3G speeds available here at the moment, so wouldn't want to waste too much time and bandwidth
    The Pixi and Pixi+ are basically the same thing just the Pixi+ has a WiFi chip. I've bought a broken Verizon Pixi Plus on eBay for $9, and I swapped the radio board from my Sprint Pixi, now I have a Sprint Pixi with WiFi.
    So that proves that there's no major diffrence between the two devices.
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