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    I got a post card in the mail asking me to fill out a user survey for my phone, the Palm Pixi. It asked a lot of detailed questions about what I did with my phone and how I rated it each feature. So far I am really loving this phone and the service, so I gave it good marks. The card stated a $5 credit would be added to my bill as well. Did anyone else get a survey?
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    My wife did on her Pixi, bought Nov. 17. They sent her a $10 check.
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    I wish I got one of these, it would help with the "restocking fee" for my wife's LG Lotus. Lol
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    I wonder if it matters where you bought the Pixi to get the survey...
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    It might. I never thought of that.

    I did all my window shopping in store, BUT I did my purchase online. Who got the survey and where did you purchase (in store, online, etc)?

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    Have yet to receive a survey. I got my Pixi at Best Buy in December.
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    Bought it online through
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    Quote Originally Posted by jesterthejedi View Post
    Bought it online through

    Same here, but no survey as of yet.

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