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    Hi I just purchase a new Pixi Plus from Verizon (love it so far!!) and when I attempted to open the Ringtones App on the Pixi Plus, it just sat there on that screen with the rotating round circle (hourglass), but never completely opened even after sitting on that screen for over 1 hour, thus I couldn't change my ring tone from the current "Pixi" tone.

    In case anyone else runs into this issue, thought I'd pass on a fix.

    Here's how I resolved the problem:
    1. Insert the USB Cable between my PC and the Pixi.
    2. Choose "USB Drive" mode on the Pixi screen.
    3. Go to the PC and open the newly created drive the shows up in "My Computer".
    4. Open the "Ringtones" folder within that drive.

    That's all I did, just opened that folder. Now when I go into the Ringtones Application on the Pixi it opens without a hitch and allows me to choose a new ringtone.
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    That's a new. I haven't had that problem but thanks for the easy fix. Usually if I do try to open something and it hangs I just close it and try to open it again.
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    Just opening the ringtones folder from my desktop also worked for me on my palm pre. Thanks for the info!
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