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    How many of you Pixi users have had to get your phone replaced for one reason or another? If you're on your first and all is well lets hear that too.

    Be it dead pixels, charging issue, etc. Lets have a sound off on how solid (or not) the Pixi is for you. I know the Pre doesn't have a stellar record, but the Pixi is a different animal.

    I'm hoping this will help prospective buyers that are on the fence. At the very least, we can see if any patterns develop.
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    Not one issue for me. However, my friend's Pixi's magnet on the battery door broke off, but she took it to the Sprint store and they fixed it, good as new.

    But other than that, no.
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    Cool, thanks for the info and description.
    Lets see if we get more to chime in.
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    Well mine just died the other day, not sure exactly what went wrong but the phone would not power on or anything.
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    My Magnet on my pixi touchstone charger is coming off.
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    I think I have one dead pixel that I only notice on startup and nowhere else. Nothing I'd consider complaint worthy. It's a major breath of fresh air in smartphone design if you ask me. I think it was about time someone broke the trend of big screen bulky smartphones outside the fact they could have maximized real estate and kept the screen the same aspect ratio as the pre. Don't care about overall size, just aspect ratio.
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    My Pixi has a lot of "oreo effect"
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    How is that possible?
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    Bad Earpiece on my first
    5+ dead pixels, problems updating, sluggish on my second
    3rd one has been good so far, though there have been times when the alarm just vibrates, and yes I have "Play alarm anyway" set to "YES" under Ringer Switch Off in Clock Preferences.

    Quote Originally Posted by JDGAFFLIN View Post
    How is that possible?
    Pretty sure he's Kidding. Unless he got his dirty while eating Oreos.
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    really like my pixi haven't had any major issues on it just wish it was more speedier and snappier but I'm sure that will come down the line when more people start buying them other then that has been a great phone love the size and love the keyboard I agree they couldve made the screen real estate the same as pre oh well
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    Argh, I couldn't take the Pre's form factor and should've gotten a Pixie, but I got the Hero. Big mistake. Keyboard is so slow and my emails don't come through at the times I set is for, very frustrating. I'm going beg them to give me a Pixie!
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    you should be able to find someone on craigslist to do an even swap for them. I did that exact trade. I never had any problems with receiving email on time. Exchange actually worked fairly well. Yahoo and aol weren't problematic, and I was fetching every 15 minutes for aol and hour for yahoo.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    My Pixi has a lot of "oreo effect"
    lmao awesome!

    My Pixi is #2, damn oreo effect! lmao! Kidding, the camera failed on it. For some reason it was taking pictures with a SUPER high color. It looked almost like thermal imaging.

    My feelings on the Pixi, I love it. There are things that I want, and thinks I know I won't have. Honestly, I would have rather guts of the Pre, but only because the gaming.

    Other wise, the only down side of the Pixi in my eyes is not really a downside. I can't do 3D gaming on the Pixi, but that is what computers and gaming systems are for. It would be cool to have that stuff on the run, and when waiting for something (Dr., bank, meetings, bordem) it would be nice to do something beyond the simple games that work on the Pixi.

    I love the style, size, power (even if the Pre is "so much faster" as everyone keeps saying), the capability, the patches that make this phone more personalized, it is NOT a slider, etc.

    This phone is VERY comfortable to use. texting and browsing are no problem, even if for extended times.

    What else would you like to know?

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    Wish we had more Pixi owners chiming in saying they're on their 1st and all is well. I have a co worker that has a Pixi and she states 'it's waay better than my old Pre'. She has admitted she has had charging issues (not fully charging overnight while plugged in). But says its still her first and she's happy.
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    I've had mine for 3 months now, and haven't had any issues at all.
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    No issues with mine. I can't wait for the 1.4 version of the OS to see what cool things get opened up.

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    i'm on pixi #1 and pre #4. The only issue I had with the pre (physical) is tht the magnet peice that closes the charging port cover fell off on my touch stone back, Sprint just gave me another one. Software wise i get "too many cards open" once in a while even though there is only one card open...thats about it. The design of the phone with the big rubber back protects it well, 3 months and not a scratch on it. The Boxwave crystal screen protector for the pixi rocks!
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    Im having call quality problems, big time - only on outgoing calls. I cant figure out why - on my 3rd phone and they all do it.

    I posted another thread in here and got 0 replies...i guess i am the only one...i have to get this resolved or i will probably return the phone and get something else.

    any ideas?
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    I've had my Pixi for a few months and I LOVE it! Other than that darn "too many cards open" error that happens from time to time when only a card or too are open (solvable by emptying browser history/cache/cookies or a white/sym/r restart), I've had no troubles with it. Also, I got the "two fish" artist back cover...I get compliments constantly now! Thanks, Pixi, for the self-esteem boost :-P
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    Ive had mine for about a week and have had no issues yet. Ive opened 19 cards before I had 'too many cards open.' The first day it froze up and wouldnt place calls, but ive yet to figure out if that was a pixi problem or if I screwed something up. Sometimes it seems a bit sluggish, but definitely not so sluggish that it bothers me. Since BB didnt have a touchscreen, super portable device I switched to the pixi after almost 2 years of BB. The BB was just sooooo smart. It was always one step ahead of me no matter what I wanted to do. Its a shame that theyve fallen behind or I would have stuck with them. Ive been sick of these giant brick smart phones everybody has. The Pixi makes even the iphone look like a brick.
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