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    I just got a Pixi a couple weeks ago and I'm finding I miss a lot of calls and text messages because the vibrate function is too weak. I can't feel it at all when the phone is in my pocket. I already installed the patch to make the duration longer, but that's not helping. Is there a way to increase the strength of the vibration?

    Is anyone else having this problem?
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    my last phone had a strong vibrate that let me nearly never miss a call. I have missed atleast 50 calls because of the palm pre's vibration being too weak. would love a way to fix this.
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    Yes, the Pre vibration is much weaker than PalmOS devices. Fortunately, some useful patches have recently been developed. Always remember, the Search feature is your friend.

    [Patch] SMS/IM Vibrate Extension (1, 1.5, and 2 second versions are available via Preware)
    [Patch] Email Vibrate Extension
    (1, 1.5, and 2 second versions are available via Preware)
    [Patch Request] Increase Vibrate time/strength

    BTW, welcome to P|C, Anna2!

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    Though you can't do patches until you install homebrew. Make sure to start there.
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    The Pixi's system clock app has an alarm clock that does a triple vibrate for each ring of the ring tone when the alarm goes off. It seems to me that this vibrate is even a little more intense than the vibrate is for the general ring tone when the phone rings. If Palm can make that happen for the clock, surely they or one of the community who does these things could make a mod for our phone ringers, so we'd get our calls???
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    The problem with the extension patches is that they vibrate even when you put the phone on silent!

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