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    My wife has a 2005 Acura TL. The Acura Hands Free Link website does not list the Pixi or Pre available with my carrier (Verizon).

    However, it does list the Pre with Sprint as "not compatible". There are features that will work, such as: pairing, incoming call, call transfer, battery levels, caller ID, signal strength, and roaming. The features that will not work are: Handsfree calling, call hangup, and call waiting. So it appears the Hands Free Link will allow you to receive a call, just not make one.

    Does anyone have experience with the Pixi (on Verizon or Sprint) and Hands Free Link on a 2005 Acura TL?
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    Just by doing a simple search..

    Bluetooth HandsFreeLink--Acura--can make calls but can't hang up :-( - Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Forums

    Edit: Also I wanted to add, to call Acura, make sure your software/firmware on your TL's system is up to date.

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