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    Hello, I am new to the Pixi, I am however experiancing problems with it.

    1. The mic on the phone has given me issues since day one. I have exchanged the phone once already, and might exchange it again for a third new pixi. The mic picks up my voice muffled. I have had numerous complaints about how I sound to other people when I am on my cell with them. I thought that getting a new phone would fix that and it hasnt. Palm support doesnt really have answers for me execpt that are looking into the problem.

    2. I updated to WebOS, and after the update I lost all of my contact phone numbers. They are gone?! I have contacted Palm and with 2 partial erases they have not been able to restore any of the numbers I had. I know that palm still has my numbers stored on the palm profile. I have been waiting on palm to fix the problem and have been working with them for a week now with no luck in sight.
    Has this happened to anyone else, if so what happened, was if fixed and how??

    This is really frustarating since, my husband and I just got Sprint and Palm 3 weeks ago. We are new to the Palm and Sprint.

    Anything will help thanks!!!!
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    you should always back up your contacts to a 3rd party source to avoid these problems and the mic can be tested in the device self menu and may just be software related
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    Are you putting the phone against the side of your head as you talk? You could be covering the microphone a bit, causing the muffled sound.
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    yeah it might be how your holding the phone regarding the muffle sound to other callers, and the contacts thing happened to me too. I should have backed up my contacts but didnt, so you might have to manually put them back in if they werent. If your familiar with preware (if not just go to the homebrew section and download it to your phone) theres a patch that will enable you to send all your contacts via a VCARD to your email address, I use that now and will never have that problem again since its also backed up that way. I hope we all helped alittle.
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    I use a gmail account just for contacts only. This with google sync app has never let me down. Though I have to say, I really don't like how common the deleted contacts is becoming. Palm really has to nail this down.
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    As far as the muffled mic sound it may be the way you hold the phone. I have people tell me I'm muffled when I try to hold the phone between my face and shoulder (using 2 hands to do something else for min). Every time I do that people say I'm muffled. If I hold it normal with my hand its usually not too bad. If someone starts complaining about muffling I just kind of lift the phone away from my face just a little bit and they stop complaining about muffling.

    The 2nd issue I have no idea how to fix, but I've read about it a bunch of times on here and it seems like once that Palm Profile fails the first time you are pretty much screwed and all of your contacts are gone. I haven't needed to use it yet, but I got scared about losing all of my stuff so I went ahead and setup a gmail account just to store my contacts. Now they have a new app that will email a Vcard...I have no idea what that means, but I think that might be a way to actually get it saved on my computer instead of somewhere in cyberspace so I may look into that and do it once a month so if worse comes to worse I have it actually on my computer.

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