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    Okay, so I installed Preware via webOS quickinstall. I am on 1.3.5. Now, when I try to install something from the App Catalog, it downloads, then it says it is done installing in the notifications area, but it still says installing in the app. When I go to my launcher, the app icon is slightly transparent with a blue circle in the top right corner of the icon. When I attempt to launch it, it takes me to the list of installed apps in the App Catalog and the app is not there. I tried rebooting, ideas?
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    What probably happened is that the app did not fully download, was having the same problem a couple of days ago downloading something from the app catalog. Rebooted and it was no longer there, ended up giving up trying to download. Think it might an issue with some of the apps that will work itself out in the coming weeks. It doesn't anything to do with you installing Preware.
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