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    I have been lurking here for some time (under a different screen name that I can no longer access) and reading quite a bit about game development for the Pre (doom, quake, sims, console emulators, etc.). I have seen very little development for the Pixi (rollerball and hangman).

    As a Pixi owner (thanks to a dubious sales person who claimed the pixi was just as versatile as the pre...) I can't help but wonder if ANYTHING that has been done for the Pre (3d gaming, console emulation) can be, or will be done, on the Pixi.

    I ask this because I know NOTHING about programing, limitations of the hardware, missing components from one phone to the other, etc. I know that there are many people here who know this information, so I know someone will have a serious and valid answer to all my questions.

    If this has been asked (and answered) before in a different thread, could you please pop a link in here?

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    Thought I remembered this question from somewhere! Check out this article over at PCMag. Seems like the Pixi will eventually receive 3D gaming / GPU support like it's older brother the Pre. Cut Palm some slack, they're developing for a new chipset after all!

    Hands On With Palm's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus - Reviews by PC Magazine
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    Oh, and while the Pixi's CPU may be clocked at a higher speed than that of the Pre (600 MHz vs. 500 MHz) the Pre's chipset is more powerful and robust (it contains an ARM A-8 vs. A-6 I believe). Hope that clears things up a little bit.
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    I'm sure Palm said at CES that they are working on the Pixi PDK. We were lucky the Pre PDK came out as fast as it did.
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    This is what I was looking for. It is nice to see work is being done for the Pixi. Now I have only one other concern; are the apps being made on the plus systems going to work with the "originals"? It looks like memory is the only major diff when thinking about programing. I do not think wi-fi counts for progrming, but wi-fi is the reason I ask. There is a Pixi app that I can not download; a wifi hotspot app. I have Sprint, not the Plus. Will Pixi apps work on all Pixis? Will Verizonls Pixi dwarf mine in apps?

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