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    My buddy has the palm pre and i have the palm pixi. He introduced me to this website. He used the Webos Quick Install on his computer because my computer wouldnt download it. Now that i got my Computer to download it, I want to reset it completely to its factory settings. I tried going through the Quick Install and using the Recovery Doctor thing and it just closed out of the program. I tried a hard reset of the phone, i tried downloading the Recovery doctor from the Sprint website and it is still the same. When i go in to delete the applications there is nothing there. I need help Asap. I'm getting frustrated and i dont know what to do.
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    i tried that and then as the Dr was trying to reset, the phone disconnected itself.
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    i tried both. the hard drive one was the one that kept saying my phone was disconnected when it was still plugged in.
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    did u try turning ur backup off and then doctoring the phone? that should do the trick. Cant you jus manually delete the apps as well?

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