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    Well when I was 12/13 I saved up my own money for a Sega Dreamcast and other stuff (like ski club) by "working" for it. I never got an allowance from my parents so I came up with an idea to make money at school. Sell pixie sticks. Now this was before all the candy/junk food machines started popping up in all the schools. I would buy a 100 count bag from the dollar store and sell each pixie stick for 25 cents and Blow Pop lollipops for 50 cents each.

    I also had the idea to go late to school by 10 minutes (homeroom class was 15 minutes and I lived 1 block from school so I just got there in time) so I can get detention and selll candy in detention. I ended up having 163 days of detention. Which helped me alot because I got to do my homework at school and could ask the teacher for help if I had any questions. I was also on the soccer team so on certain days I would get out of detention early to go to practice or miss detention completely to go to a game or go to ski club.

    Once I had a good amount of customers the Pixie sticks and Blow Pops would sell out within 2-3 days. $75 in 2 days with only a $2 investment was pretty good for a 12 year old kid. On the bad months I would make $600 on the good months $800. My best month I barely broke the $1000 mark but I was probably the happiest kid in the world. In case you are wondering, I was an A/B student.

    The only time I got into trouble was when some bully snitched on me because I wouldn't give him free candy. Problem was solved by having a friend carry the candy for me in his back pack and giving him 10% of the months money. Good times. Lol.

    So yes it is possible for his kid to be responsible enough to own a smartphone. Maybe the kid helps out at a store or whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by pelikan3 View Post
    How many of you who ARE 12 (or 14, 0r whatever), have worked a real job, hours a day, days a week, earned money, saved for all your responsibilities (i.e., school), and THEN bought your own $400+ phone at or near list?

    Meaning no disrespect, but kids should never be handed the fancy car, $200 PS2's, or an approximately $400 cell phone. Especially when it didn't cost THEM any amount that they actually worked, at a job, to earn. No matter how mature, smart, or trustworthy they things cost or how hard we worked for them?

    Again, perhaps I am just too old fashioned. I apologize both for my rambling and if I've overstepped my bounds.

    Thanks for all your time.
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    **** that's funny your my grow up to be one of the crazy TV sales people who can sell sand to an Iraqi lol I guess i buy broken notebooks and some i fix up and sell and others i part out have been doing that since i was 14 i am 29 now so ya lol i feel ya...
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    Also i had my first cell phone when i was 14 it was one of them HUGE ***** Motorola phones like the ones you use to see in the 1990's movies the big gray phones mine was a hand me down when my uncle got a new one i use to work my but off to afford that thing and the plan was like 50C a minute or something crazy like that I lived in LA then...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudementry View Post
    But you seriously should stick around until this fall atleast, and if Palm doesn't release anything, or it sucks, then go get your dream Android phone. Blame me for the 2 extra months you were forced to use your old outdated Pre.
    I don't have a Pre, I still have a Centro! I was very excited about the Pre when it was announced, but I was still on contract. I eventually realized I needed certain critical applications (notably Docs To Go, and a mobile database like SmartList) and waited until it was available for either Android or WebOS. Android now has both.

    My son doesn't need either of these apps, and likes the Pixi form factor.
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    Don't get the pixi. Get the pre instead. I'm thirteen with one, it's not too smart for me. I can't figure out how to program for it though
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