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    I have a question. How do I get more than 3 pages for my apps. I know with the iphone you can have many pages of apps. I'm tired of scrolling down for everything I wanna use
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    apply the respective patch via "Preware" or "WebOS Quick Install"
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    The patch name would be enable Add Delete pages
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    and that will let me have more than 3 pages. Internet will be down for a few days so looks like I gotta wait till I get that back for preware
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    Yes you can get it in Preware. I save all my patches so I can send you this one if you don't want to wait.
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    I gotta wait to install preware anyways. Tv just got shut off minutes ago. Gotta love roomates who don't pay bills
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    Whenever I doctor my pre the very first thing I put back on is Preware.

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