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    There's just an empty box with the word memo underneath. The app opens but the icon is gone. Any clues?
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    You must have deleted the icon file on accident. Could have been a theme that installed corruptly or removed corruptly. I can give you the icon to replace it back.
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    Have you been installing themes? Thats usually what causes this.
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    Get the Luna Manager from WOSQI or Preware, it has a button for "Rescan" and I believe part of what that does is refresh the app icons. Do some research on Luna Manager, first, though, as I may have misunderstood that function.
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    +1 to the above. restarting luna fixed it when I had a similar problem. if you don't want to download the app, simply restarting your phone will do the same thing (just takes longer)
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    Thanks people. I'll try it the morning. I don't have any themes installed. Just some homebrew and official apps.

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