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    I was trying to download the webOS and at 6% it said that my phone had been disconnected and froze with the USB symbol on the screen. I had to take the battery out. Is it something to do with not having the right program to download? I just bought the phone a few days ago so I'm unsure what's wrong. I have a mac.

    If anyone has any help that'd be great. Thanks.
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    Also, when I go to open webOS quick install and it asked me to download the sprint pixi doctor the application just closes. Any help? I tried to download the doctor app from sprint separately and that's where it freezes. Thanks.
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    Are you trying to use the Dr? or just download it for use w/ WOSQI?

    If the latter is the case then you should be downloading it to your pc not your Pre!

    You should follow the instructions on the first post of the WebOsQuickInstall 2.96 thread!

    It sounds like you are confused and are using the Dr. which will wipe your Phone back to Stock.
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