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    For years, I was a loyal Blackberry user. I had the 7290, 8700, and then the 8310. Heck, I even had the RIM 850 and 950 before I moved on to higher-end devices. I loved how RIM made their phones so reliable and messaging-friendly. The instant communication features that RIM had available for their phones were something that kept me close (and most importantly, loyal) to them.

    But then the mobile phone landscape changed. Apple introduced its iPhone, and while I was smitten with its beautiful and gorgeous interface, I couldn't bring myself to buy one. For me then, Blackberry as a mobile phone platform was satisfactory and sufficient for my own needs. Great battery life, incredible accessibility as offered by its features, and so on. What more could I ask for?

    But as the years wore on, I noticed that RIM wasn't doing too good of a job keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak. While the phones coming out were still reasonably top-notch devices in their own right (and in comparison to others released by other companies, too), the software was starting not to cut it anymore, particularly in the face of other phones that were making enormous strides in their offerings, consumer-centric focus, and overall end user experience.

    Still loyal to RIM and its line of Blackberry phones, I stood steadfastly and did my research in preparation for another phone upgrade. I even decided on a Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2), and bought the thing. Yet 24 hours after having bought it (under the same carrier, no less), I realized it was more of the same. Nothing had really changed, aside from a few cosmetic touch-ups that RIM had applied to what was still an old OS beneath the surface. I was unsure of what to do.

    Off to the store I went again, with my 24-hour-old Blackberry 9700 and the store receipt in hand, ready to look at other options. My eyes scanned the aisles, quickly considering the alternatives I had before me. Then they settled on one phone that managed to catch their attention – similar form factor to Blackberry phones, but with a much more advanced OS (and a touchscreen): the Palm Pixi.

    Having already tried the Pixi's OS on a Palm Pre, I decided to take a chance and trade in my Blackberry for it. Upon activation of the phone, I was shocked to see how easily I made the transition in how I handled the phone compared to my old Blackberry phones. Typing was a pleasure as the satisfying clicking sensations emanated from the keyboard to my fingers, and the familiar form factor offered me a soothing and comfortable transition that I mastered rather quickly.

    The OS and phone itself was pure genius. Touchscreen and physical keyboard capabilities merged into one and managed by an easy-to-use, intuitive OS that actually had good battery life management that ended up lasting me on a full day's use. Push e-mail worked remarkably well, too. This phone was everything that the Blackberry was not – modern, smart, and “with it.” So now I lay my Blackberry to rest and begin my mobile life anew with the Pixi.

    Farewell, RIM. Farewell, Blackberry. May you get with the program ... And fast.
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    Glad to hear you experience and how you found yourself with a Pixi!! Sounds like you love it from the hardware to the OS!!
    I love reading people who tell their stories on how they came to be with their Dream phone!
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    What a great story...thanks so much for posting it! It's nice to hear someone who had a Blackberry who was willing to give WebOS a shot - and it worked out well for you - which is so great.

    Hope to see you around on the forums :-)

    I heart my Pixi
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    My fiancee have a BB Curve. She love to use my Pre for web browsing but isn't sold on the form factor and she believes it's too complicated even though she manages to get stuff done fairly easily. She's intimidated by how much the phone can do and isn't a fan of a touch screen device because of smudges and fingerprints on the LCD. She's hard set on getting a BB come March 1st because of the familiarity with BB OS.

    Come March 1st, she's getting a WebOS device. She just doesn't know it yet.
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    they prolly flamed you over at the crackberry forums. im bout to get my moms off berries even she says she bored.
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    I'm in the same boat. I've been carrying a BB for quite a while and I just don't see anything really that inovative about them. For me, the are getting larger, heavier and unreliable. Have you seen how many times there have been outages in the last 12 months?

    I'm jumping on the Pixi next Monday when it comes out for Verizon. I will keep my storm around for a back up device, but I plan on never using it again.
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    switched my wife over from a BB to a pre.....she loves it
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    Congrats on your new found love!

    I've read a lot about the BB OS being significantly behind the times now. It sounds like they need to come out with a new OS quick or risk a lot of people jumping ship. Unfortunately, given the nature of BB Enterprise, I think this is much easier said than done and they won't be able to catch up soon enough.
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    I had the Blackberry 8700c and Pearl years back. What made me go with webOS was researching Palm, great price, and this forum. I was impressed by the good information and community on here. If Palm can continue this trend I will be a loyal user for many years...
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    I had a PalmOS personal smartphone for years and before that a PalmOS PDA. I went the opposite way and defected from Palm to a Blackberry 9700. I have carried an employer issued Blackberry for years and currently have an 8300. The 9700 is a much better experience than either the 8300 or my old Centro. It's much faster and has a much higher res screen than either phone (or the Pixi for that matter). It's also a much better phone than any Palm device I have owned (Blackberrys always seem to great cellphone radios, Palm not so much).

    The Pixi does have a better web browser than 9700 but that advantage is negated by the much lower res screen and lack of wi-fi (for the Sprint version). It won't support desktop sync out of the box so you either have to pay for exchange, a third party syncing solution or limit yourself to Google Contacts and Calendar.

    The show stopper for me is the lack of a US GSM version, unlike the OP I am unwilling to switch carriers.
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    I'm probably one of the few that is still not completely sold on the pre. Don't get me wrong. I love the phone. But be completely honest. I miss my pearl. I don't miss the track ball that's for sure. But what I do miss is the ability to communicate so efficiently like the BB does. The ability to cut and paste almost anything and the ability highlight a selected area is somethin the pre definitely cant do and that to me, is annoying.

    When do what I do, (Event coordinating- Large scale Dance parties) you need to be able to cut and paste addresses, emails, etc with relative ease.

    Which brings me to the next point, the pre lacks in it's ability to be able to have group texting. Yes, I can mass text, but don't have the time nor the patience to add my contacts every single time. With the BB I had my selected group of friends/promoters/etc that I could send a single text to and they would all get it with ease.

    When pre gets these things fixed. I'll be completely sold. I love everything about the pre, but not having this simple features has made me almost take back my pre a number of times.
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    Do they still use the Blackberry web on BB devices? When I had my BB Storm it was really slow, blew me away how fast the internet was on Pre when I first used it.
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    I felt the same way. I had every Blackberry Sprint offered in their lineup, and it was the same thing over and over.....and over. My main complaint was the outdated OS. Now, I understand it works, and if it isn't broke, don't fix it, but PalmOS worked too. RIM really has no worries right now as far as I'm concerned. It's simple, people still want Blackberrys, just not us lol. WebOS has opened my eyes to what a phone should be, and what I want it to be(mostly). We all have our complaints about the Pre, but as a whole, it is one great device. It does everything I ask of it, with little or no difficulty.

    Recently I came to terms with my WebOS "addiction" lol, when Sprint released their first WiFi enabled Blackberry. I almost got one, simply for Blackberry Messenger. I can honestly say, that is the only thing that I really, really miss. I do not miss the endless menus and selections with a trackball. Now I enjoy looking for new patches, and eagerly await new updates to the WebOS. This can't be replaced by a Blackberry.
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    I came from a BB Curve back in July to the Pre. I was a bit skeptical still, but knew that I had 30 days to turn-in my Pre and get a Tour (upgrading to another BB). 2 days into my Pre experience, I had to pull up something on the web (I wouldn't have dreamed of doing this with the poor BB browser) and I was hooked! Bye bye, BlackBerry... Hello, Palm!!
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    Hey all, first post... just switched from a Curve 8330 and before that the Touch Pro. I must say the Pre is amazing. It does everything I need it to and it does it well. Very satisfied. Good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cv7713 View Post
    Hey all, first post... just switched from a Curve 8330 and before that the Touch Pro. I must say the Pre is amazing. It does everything I need it to and it does it well. Very satisfied. Good post.

    Welcome! Congrats on your 1st post!
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    I find it very interesting that the general consensus is that most of you don't miss much the Blackberry had to offer outside of Blackberry Messenger. I cannot believe more people did not mention the customization of notifications available on the BB platform. I'm not aware of any other device that offers the level of customization of notifications that the BB does and that is very important to me. I like knowing what kind of alert I have received just by looking at the notification led when the phone is on silent or hearing the alert when the phone is on normal. I know that now there are a few customizations available for notifications on the Pre and Pixi but I'm certain it's nowhere near a comprehensive as what is available on the Blackberry. I currently have a Blackberry Tour but picked up a Pre at launch and kept it about three weeks. I look forward to giving the Verizon Palm Pre Plus a go though to see what changes have taken place in my time away....
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    At various times I have had work-issued RIM devices (going back to the non-phone variety). Messaging is great. And granted the one on my hip right now is an extremely outdated 7xxx of some variety, but I am just not enamored of it as a personal use device. Yes, prior to getting my pre I used it for personal use (and we do have tethering on the BB, which is a plus) but the moment I got my pre I started taking personal use software off (I still have Opera Mini on it though, the stock webbrowser... well, I have nothing polite to say about it).

    I completely understand businesses issuing blackberrys but.. I just don't get why people use them as their personal phone.

    Heck, I got EAS working on my Pre just for giggles and grins. Works great. Now, I don't have access to the gal so far as I know, but I think it has my personal addressbook. And I don't see the issues people have with the calendar app, it works just fine for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by estockda View Post
    I came from a BB Curve back in July to the Pre. I was a bit skeptical still, but knew that I had 30 days to turn-in my Pre and get a Tour (upgrading to another BB). 2 days into my Pre experience, I had to pull up something on the web (I wouldn't have dreamed of doing this with the poor BB browser) and I was hooked! Bye bye, BlackBerry... Hello, Palm!!
    Hear hear. The BB browser really was that bad. I tended to avoid using it if I could.
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