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    My Mom had various Treos (Palm OS) over the years, which she liked, but she kept having problems with email. The Verizon rep recommended BB for its email prowess, so she got a Curve last year.

    Bottom line is, she says that email does work flawlessly...but she hates everything else about the device! She's been counting the days until she is eligible for an upgrade, and this week she's getting a Pre Plus.
    The original Curve is a really old device at this point and pretty low end, the Tour would have been a better choice. Your Mom may find the Pre a more radical change from PalmOS than the BB (or perhaps not depending on how she used PalmOS).
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    The blackberry is a real pda phone. Its used for business. Palm is more like a toy. After all only up to recently you werent able to fwd text. Are you serious. Still waiting on group texting and group mms. The palm sync sucks. The list goes on my friend. You must work for palm. How much they pay you to write that up? I will trade my pre for a blackberry tour! Anyone?
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