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    So I have an .edu account and I can receive and view emails fine, however, I cannot send emails from my .edu account. It tells me it can't login to fsu and then stores the email into a draft. Can someone help me?
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    was it working for you at some point and stop or was it never working?
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    You may want to check with the FSU helpdesk for the microsoft exchange settings for your phone, though the settings that the FSU website lists for the iPhone should get you in the ballpark.

    Did it ever work? If not, and you're positive all settings are configured correctly, then you may need to talk to the FSU Helpdesk to have them clear your phone for use on their exchange server.

    Perhaps you can elaborate on exactly what steps you have followed to try and connect. What settings you are using (no user names or passwords please) and what errors you are seeing.
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    I don't remember it ever working.

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