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    Hi All,

    I'm looking to get a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus on the 25th from Verizon and I don't know which one to get. I like the form factor of the Pixi and the keyboard seems a little nicer then the Pre. I don't really like sliders and I primarily use my phone (currently an LG Voyager) for texting, Internet and phone (pretty much in that order). I don't really care about 3D games but would like to have flash and video recording and that should be good with the 1.4 update. What are your opinions and why? Thanks.
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    Sounds like you'd be best suited to a Pixi - why? Because of everything you said above.
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    if it were me, I'd wait to see how/if flash works ok with the pixi when the update comes out. Worst case is you wait a few weeks. It would make me nervous that functionality (like 3D games) don't work on the pixi even if that doesn't interest you. I have plenty of lag on my Pre.. last thing I need is a slower processor.
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    ive been looking for the same answer, but then realized im in a pixi sub-forum, so many will be more for the pixi. Ive researched a lot about both phones and have watched many videos on both. Basically it comes down to if you would rather have a better build experience or internal hardware experience. The Pre Plus will have more memory storage and ram and possibly some future plugins that pixi won't, while the pixi will have a better candy bar build that is thinner and sleeker and a slightly better keyboard. Well at least thats what i got from most of my researching.

    Hope this helps

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