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    The form factor and keyboard is what sold me, even thought I was disappointed at the lack of headset. However, at some sprint branches, the nice workers will give you a set if they have any extras lying around.
    LG Rumor -> HTC Touch -> Palm Pixi -> Palm Pre+ (if they ever bring it to Sprint)
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    Wow, I finally was able to play with one and I must say I LOVE the keyboard! It feels amazing ttyping on that. I was thinking about getting one then remebered lack of wifi. It's a must since I don't have evdo in my area and I don't wanna surf net at 1X speeds.
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    I love the pixi because it's nice and thin good battery and the keyboard is awesome.
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    My daughter got a Pixie Plus when it came out at Verizon. After using it for 3 weeks, (it replaced a Centro) she traded it for a Pre. Loved the form factor, but it was slllooooow and laggggggy. She almost went back to her Centro, but I talked her into a Pre Plus and she is much happier. There is no comparison in speed, switching apps, running programs.
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    I think the Pixi is a great device (anything that ever runs webOS in my eyes is perfect!) but I will definitely say I will take my Pre' over the Pixi. I'm not into slider phones as well, in fact this is the 1st that I've owned. The Sprint version isn't as good as Verizons but I still have to go with the Pre'. Bigger Screen, 3D gaming, and then movies and tv on a decent sized screen, are all my reasons for sticking with my device. Although I will say, I did recommend that my homegirl pick up a pixi
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