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    I'm a former Pre user who just downgraded to a Pixi for various reasons. My question is, why is there a significantly smaller number of apps in the Pixi catalog? At first I figured the Pixi catalog just excluded things like the 3d games because the Pixi can't handle it. Then I started noticing that even basic apps, like the LA times app that I really liked on my Pre, weren't available either. I'm showing 993 apps in my Pixi's catalog, and there were over 1100 in my Pixi's catalog. Is this a problem? If so, how can I fix it?
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    there are less apps for the pixi but I wouldn't say ~100 apps less is alot. There is a new york times apps you may wanna check out
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    Pre apps that do not work on the Pixi will include those that do not natively support the smaller screen size.
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    Got it. That makes sense. Thanks!

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