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    I have a touchstone and I just put my new Palm Pixi on it. Unfortunately, the lock screen (the one that displays the time) is extremely dark, so dark I can barely see it. I know this isn't normal because I also have a Pre, and its lock screen when on the touchstone is very bright.

    So my question is this: Is there a way to adjust the lock screen brightness? I have the normal screen brightness adjusted to about 90% and it makes no difference. Thanks!
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    I'm fairly sure this is the correct responsefor the Pixi and Touchstone charging puck. It works great at night sitting on your nightstand, not too bright. But in amient light, it is almost useless.
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    Just bought a Pixi for my wife yesterday, and I notice the same thing too - the touchstone standby screen is much dimmer than my Pre's.
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    same thing happens for me too, Pixi is very dark and hard to see, Pre is very bright. Somewhere in between the 2 seems ideal. Also, I have a touchstone in my car that works great with the Pre and the Pixi doesn't even recognize its on a touchstone - I'm thinking the Pixi doesn't pick up as much juice from the puck. The Pixi never "grabs" the puck as well as the Pre too
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    I would gladly trade. My Pre's screen is so bright that I have to throw a bandana over it to keep from being blinded by it if I get up in the middle of the night. Palm really needs to make the "nightlight" feature adjustable.
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