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    I'm wondering if any other fellow Pixi users are experiencing general sluggishness with EAS on their device?

    In my work environment we using Exchange 2003 with ActiveSync and I certainly get my emails however they do not get "pushed" to my device in near real time. Most of the time I have to manually refresh to see new messages at times.

    I also noted that when my Exchange account is added my phone is a bit sluggish however, when I removed the Exchange account my phone behaves nice and snappy

    This behavior is after I used WebOS Doctor to blast my phone to 1.3.5. I then grabbed through OTA.

    So, any thoughts on why my phone is acting this way? Technically its not a big deal for me as my company provided me with a BB Storm (ewwwww) but I must say its a bit annoying.
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    I am having the same problem on my Palm Pre. Exchange ActiveSync makes it extremely slow. Anyone have ideas on how to make it speed up?
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    i dont use exchange but i know there's a option in mail app under preferences to update mail. by default i believe its on every 15 minutes. but it can be changed to 'as items arrive'

    open mail, click preferences, click your account,

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    I use it on 'as it arrives', and I don't have any issues.
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    I use EAS with my Pre and it is set to "as they arrive". When at my desk, the email notification actually appears on my Pre before the email shows in Outlook.
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    Hi guys,

    I have been experiencing an EAS problem with taking about 20-30 minutes to push down an email from the Exchange Server. I contacted a Sprint Tech directly today , and this is what she told me to do over the phone:

    1) Power off my phone and take the battery out.
    2) She reseted my network profile and updated my EVDO Rev A settings.
    3) Told me to then power on my phone.
    4) When I powered it back on, I got this message, "Data Connection is Not Available." (67).
    5) This error is according to the tech, me not being on the EVDO data network because she was in the process of resetting and updating my settings.
    6) She then had me tap the "dial green icon" and enter in a series of numbers followed by # icon.
    7) This took me to a dialogue where I had accept the reset;I had to reset my phone again after tapping "ok."
    8) Upon rebooting, i get a dialogue saying my network settings were updated successfully.

    ***After doing all that, my EAS sluggishness was gone. I would receive work email almost instantly as it appears in my Outlook account.

    I'll continue to monitor the issue to see if it comes back, but I'll keep you guys posted.


    Van P.
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    I have EAS set up on my Palm Pre Plus, and it's set up as post #4 stated. I have to pull my messages in order for them to show up. It doesn't automatically refresh as each email arrives. It's not sluggish as the OP mentioned though. Any ideas/suggestions/solutions?
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    use a hosted exchange provider and you will never have problems again.. Ever...
    Our company has used one for about 3 years now and have never had a problem. every device i have ever used worked perfectly.

    Its not the Palm!

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