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    This is my first post on the forums, so hello

    I bought this recently for 1 cent! (plus $2.98 shipping, for a total of $2.99):

    I have not used it to transfer data yet, but it charges my phone perfectly via USB. When plugged in, I get the same prompt on the screen of my pixi that I do with the factory cable.

    EXCELLENT deal if you have to charge your battery often (the battery life is T E R R I B L E on these).

    That is all for now BTW, this site is AWESOME!
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    yay 10 posts!
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    Nice one, a lot cheaper than a Palm item
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I'm pretty sure I ordered this item a couple months ago and it works great.

    What's really nice about it is the Mini USB end is slightly thinner so opening and closing the Pre while charging is quite a bit easier than with the stock charger.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this product.

    I glanced through the specs but couldn't find a length for the cable. How long do you think it is?

    I'm really looking for some short cables. Something like 5" or 6". I have one that I think is about 12" long, but I hung a Touchstone puck on the tiles backsplash in the kitchen near an outlet and would like to keep the it tidy with a short cable.


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    It is approx. 32 inches (used a gimpy ruler out of my desk).
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    Great find!
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    Cables from are much better. The 3ft cable is $2.56 to my address.

    Car chargers are great as well -
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatguy7 View Post
    Cables from are much better. The 3ft cable is $2.56 to my address.

    USB Cable

    Car chargers are great as well - Car Charger Accessories
    Much better, or 40 cents cheaper for the same thing?
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    I'm using one of the Amazer retractable cables for my needs. I mounted a touchstone puck on the wall near an outlet in my kitchen and the install looks great. Too bad they just didn't build a second puck that had the converter built in to in and would mount right to a wall outlet. It would be a slick looking install.


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