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    I can't seem to connect in order to use webOSquickinstall. It worked one time, when I loaded Filecoaster, and hasn't worked since. I have tried it on multiple computers, with different OS's, different cables, removed any homebrew I have installed, including Filecoaster, reverted back to older version of webOS. I remember finding a thread that mentioned deleting your USB, so I tried that as well. It shows up in device manager as a Palm Pixi under drives, and works fine when I choose media sync or usb drive it works as it should. Also, swearing at it didn't help. I think I have covered everything. TIA for any help.
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    i wish i could help but i have to put my two sense in because im having the same problem with quickinstaller and OS doctor
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    I can get the OS doctor thing to work, the holding the volume up to get the big USB symbol on the screen during power up, but like I said initially, even after resetting to the previous version, still no go. It's really frustrating since I just want to load up some freaking apps!
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    For what it's worth, try putting your phone in developer mode. It worked for me, I was sure I was still in that mode, but I wasn't, as soon as I did that, problem solved. You can type webos20090606 from your main screen, background showing, and then toggle that on. Good luck.
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    Yes, make sure you are in dev mode. You must be in dev mode for WOSQI to work.

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