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    ok so i just updated my pixi(*****slayer-the name i made for it cuz my wife said pixi sounded gay) to and now when i go to the app catalog it will not let me download anything, it will blink downloading and go straight back to "download for free" or what have you. i also tried to delete an app and that will not hapen as well. is anyone having this problem? and does anyone have a solution. this is my 2nd pixi the first one had this problem as well and sprint said it was a defect. there is no way i am one in a million to get 2 defected phones. other than this problem everything else is working great. the first phone did royally screw up. thanks for your time and please let me know.
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    There is another thread where this is already being discussed, although it sounds like it might not be the same problem you are having. Here is a link:

    I have had luck getting mine to work short of doctoring, but most have had to doctor their phones to restore app catalog functionality.
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    Yep. Same thing happened to me yesterday on a brand new Pixi out of the box. First thing I did after setting up email was update to (from 1.2.9) and the app catalog did the exact same thing. Had to doctor the Pixi, and that fixed it right up.
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    I have the same problem! ***? I love the phone and don't want to trade it in. What does it mean to doctor and are there links to instructions? Thx.

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