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    1400 is only like 11% more power we need a 2400+ oem sized battery or better! <3 eke
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    2800mAh battery for Pixi Plus released: [HLI-PixiXL] Buy Mugen Power 2800mAh Extended Battery for Palm Pixi Plus

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    - Premium Extended Batteries for Mobile Devices.

    New Batteries for Pre3 now available:

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeg View Post
    1400 is only like 11% more power
    I know...responding to an old post, but:

    More like 21.7%.

    1400 (Mugen) - 1150 (stock) = 250 (extra capacity)

    250/1150 x 100 = 21.7%.

    Of course, the 1400's don't read 1400, closer to the mid 1300's but it's still better than stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MugenPower View Post
    For anyone purchasing this battery, I'm curious to see what the Dr. Battery app shows as the actual capacity.

    See the Dr. Battery thread for more info.
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    this is good news considering all the problems and mislabeling we are seeing in siedio. Mugen will be my next purchase.
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    Decided not to go with Touchstone compatibility, huh? That's too bad.
    Nixed from my list.
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    I prefer substance over style and I would def. pay for better battery my last smart phone had great battery life so I'm use to not having to charging 2 times a day besides the less you have to charge the phone is the better it is for the environment!
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    I buy one for 50 or less dollars..
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    I want to show my interest for such battery.
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