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    I have no clue what ive done but i have installed save the tatas app thinking it would be funny, now i cant uninstall the theme, tried partial erase and a full erase only to be left with the theme still.
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    full erase wont remove themes you need to webos doctor it
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    where can i find that at? ive tried it but i think its for the pre......
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    its for pre and pixi
    heres a link scroll down to download takes a while its a big file
    Palm - webOS Doctor for Palm Pre for Sprint
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    IM STILL HAVING ISSUES! i cant download it!
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    maybe bcuz i have windows 7?
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    yep - the installers don't work with windows 7. if you're computer savvy, there is a workaround by webos internals (aka geniuses).

    since i don't have ten posts yet, I can't post the link for you - but just google search "webos doctor windows 7" and the top link should be the webos-internals site...

    does anyone else have another idea?

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