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    I guess they are really targeting the female audience with name and now colors. Very smart move!!!!
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    It worked well for Centro, it works for Apple, why not for Pixi. I am surprised they at least didnt offer the Pre in another color other than Black (maybe a dark red). Girls like color and girls like to text etc. It makes sense.
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    My girlfriend will be happy to hear this, assuming they release it in the UK.
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    Move to the states....You will be happier
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    In the 21st century, do women and girls think that pink is a little insulting?

    I say turquoise or ruby (wine) red. Now, those are colors. I mean what happens after Valentine's Day?
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    On the contrary, I think women are empowered to where they feel like they can LOVE pink without consequence...but I agree in that I personally would prefer red or blue over pink :-)
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    I would consider giving up my pre for a pink pixi!
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    quoting one of the funniest movies ever ''orgazmo''{.... I don't wanna sound gay or anything} but I would really like a red one.

    (not that's there's anything wrong with that) wait did I just quote seinfeld too? Lol
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    I know my friend would go for a pink Pixi if she was with Sprint. She once had the red Razr and now has the pink Blackberry Curve 8330.
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    my wife didn't want a pixi in black but she would love one in pink.
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    Here is waiting to see if the rumors are true tomorrow. If so, I am definitely going to change carriers and phones.

    Then again I am a fae/pixie fanatic and... yeah. My sidekick is all themed out and having a phone with the name being pixi, totally cool. XD
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    So, I'm getting conflicting reports. Some sites (including this one) have stated that the Pixi will be available in different colors, but all the pictures only show a different back cover. Does this mean that there's no natural "pink" pixi?

    Of course, this is because I'm planning on getting my wife a pink Pixi, I swear...
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    From what I've seen thus far there will only be more colorful back covers, thankfully that is a large amount of the visible portion of the pixi. Plus, touchstone support.

    Plus, it may or may not come later, I am doubting it at this point though.
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    I would rock pink just to see how people react to me

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