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    I am running Preware on my Pixi and installed a pretty cool black theme. Ever since I installed it, my Preware wouldn't work any more.. I also didn't love some of the icons so i tried to remove the theme, but couldn't because of Preware not working!
    So i noticed that an update was available for the OS, which i went ahead and downloaded. After downloading, it auto reset my theme back to original... Except for a few of the icons!??!

    Now when i click on Preware, it opens and tries to "Download Feed Information" and just sits there and spins for ever. My Pixi was running PERFECTLY until this damn black theme!!

    I have very basic knowledge when it comes to this phone, so please help - but speak in terms i will understand! Thanks!!!!!!!!
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    Let me make one more observation. Sometimes the Preware will let me in, and i can see all of the available applications. But if i try to download one, it says:
    "Error Installing: See IPKG Log"

    Very frustrating..

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